Home Buyer’s FAQ
1) What resources do I need before I start looking for a home to buy?
It is a not complicated a process to get yourself ready to buy a home. You need to get a document from your bank called a pre-approved letter with your loan amount and the type of loan you choose. This is not the actual loan approval, but is a vote of the bank’s confidence in you for your home loan approval. This letter is extremely important in getting you into your new home. The seller of your new home needs to know that you are able to be financed to buy the property. If you are paying for your home in cash, you do not have to provide a pre-approved letter from your lender. You will have to show proof that you actually have the cash for the deal. If you are a veteran who wants to use a VA loan to purchase the property, you will need a pre-approved letter from your lender and your VA Certificate of Eligibility.
Also, as a buyer, you need trustworthy licensed realtors like us to represent your interests as your buyer’s agent. We will arrange home showings, prepare and submit offers and your pre-approval letter or proof of cash funds to sellers, and oversee the buying process to help you obtain your new home.

2) What must I consider when I think of what kind of home I can buy?
There are many styles and options available in today’s home market. Think about the features of a home you want to own. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms you will need in your new home will be an important requirement. Outdoor areas for gardens and yards may be a consideration. Building materials, architectural styles, floor design, and other physical features should be considered. The amount of time and money to take care of a large yard or a pool may be a question you should ask yourself. Do you or a member of your family have mobility problems with stairs? Do you need an indoor or outdoor space for pets? Do you prefer carpet, tile, or wood for flooring? From the price of the property to the neighborhood where the property is located, there are many things to think about.

3) How much does home location have an impact on purchase price?
The right home in the right place at the right price is the goal of the person shopping for a home. But if your budget doesn’t allow for you to live in a location you prefer, another location (perhaps not too far from that one) may have a dramatic shift to a lower price tag. At any given time, a buyer cannot control the number of homes for sale, when or where they have been built, or the prevailing prices in the marketplace.

4) When I see a home I want, what are some guidelines on the offer amount that I’ll want my buyer’s agent to make on my behalf?
All buyers have their own dream of the kind of house they want. A real estate buyer’s agent helps the buyer make that dream a reality. But buyers must keep this in mind: there are other people out there with the dream of a home in their minds also. Buyers don’t always realize that the home they are considering buying is also being considered for purchase by other potential buyers. If a home appeals to you, it probably appeals to other buyers, too. Home buying is competitive. If the offer you want your real estate buyer’s agent to make is too low, you might lose out to another buyer making a higher offer. Don’t let that special home get away from you and go to somebody else. Speak to your real estate buyer’s agent about the offer you want to make. He or she has the tools and technology to find out more about the home you want in order to give you advice about your offer amount. As a buyer, stay determined, focused, and realistic. Your goal is to get the keys to the home you really want.