Home Seller’s FAQ
1) How much is my property worth in today’s real estate market?
Realtors are asked this important question all the time. Today’s real estate marketplace has excellent data for quick, accurate, evaluation of property. If you have questions, get them answered by us, your trusted licensed realtors.

2)What must I do to get my property ready to be shown to potential customers?
If you have decided to sell your property, there are two critical guidelines you must use. The first one is this: Clean the property up so that the ceiling, wallls, floors are clearly visible to a person who sees each room for the first time. A good, thorough cleaning of the property is a way is an inexpensive way to show off the assets of the property. People don’t usually buy homes because of how you have furnished the home. They buy homes as a place to furnish and decorate according to their own tastes and needs. They want to look at clean rooms and imagine how they will make this house into their own home. The second guideline is even more important. Be cautious about spending too much money to upgrade, improve, enhance, or transform your property for sale. Be budget conscious about this. You want to make sure you get back the upgrade money you spent when you sell the property. Ask us about upgrades and financial returns on upgrades. Your Comparative Property Analysis (CMA) also called comps, will tell you what other properties like your property are selling for in your neighborhood. Sometimes sellers go wild on upgrades and never go by the CMA’s to make good decisions. It’s different when you are spending money to fix an unsafe condition on the property. That’s wise.

3)What guidelines I use when my listed property receives offers from buyers to purchase it?
If you still owe on your mortgage, you will have to take that amount into account. If there are taxes or other liens against the property, you must consider the cost to clear those up. It is also absolutely vital that you have recent and reliable sales data on the prices homes like yours have sold for in your neighborhood. These Comparative Property Analysis data reports (CMA's or Comps) will show you reliable examples by which you may judge offers made by buyers for your property. We will provide a Comparative Property Analysis for free if you are exploring the idea of listing your home with us.